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Pandora’s Trails:

“Stay awhile and listen.”

Deckard Cain

11/11/2O2O: Website creation, Skill redesign in progress, community feedback.  Mod updates are being posted in ‘changelog’ channel in discord. 

11/12/2O2O: Website revision.  Added Wiki page, links are not live as content is still being built.  All buttons have been tested and confirmed working on pages; corrected issue reported by SurrealBush.

11/19/2O2O: Early, initial Skill redesign / tweaking currently completed.  Custom Quests being created.  Beta play test coming soon.

11/22/2020: Quest creation for Act 2 currently underway.  For access to Early Beta, request in Discord channel “Discussion” for Pandora’s Trials.

11/23/2020: Site updated with Wisdom and Alchemy systems.  Wiki titles are clickable.

1/27/2021:  Quests finished.  End game work has begun.

1/28/2021:  The announcement made to Discord members with a breakdown of mod details and systems.

1/31/2021: End game content currently underway.  Content is being tested.  Wiki items are being updated as content becomes more concrete. Stay tuned for more.

2/7/2021:  Smithery system documented.  End-game content being designed.  Downloads section provides you with template level 80 characters to test content without having to level up from 1-80.  Feedback rewards are being granted once realm is online.  New content introduces CTC (Chance to Cast) stones.

2/14/2021: New website hosting up, provided by  Adeptgamer.comnew website design for Pandora’s Trials underway.

2/16/2021: Web updated with Dungeon information. Portal Crafting page updated to contain Dungeon details. Added Wall of Valor. Added Events tab.

2/28/2021: Pandora’s Trails is live.

3/4/2021: First Royal Arena, Road to the Collapsed Mine, and Realm of the Dead Torment Victor, DarkSecret.

5/3/2021: New content added. Land of Chaos. New Chaos Equipment added (Check here). New Dungeon difficulties for the new map have been created (Check here). Do you have what it takes to clear it?!


Not even death will save you from me.


O9/26/2O2O: 0.99.14 Released: Mortis drop picks are 5 instead of 4;  20% improved drops

11/11/2O2O:  0.99.15 Released: Shock wave buffed slightly on low levels, significantly on high levels

11/21/2020: 0.99.16 Released: Shrine of Light bosses will now always drop a statue.

1/28/2021:  Reckoning realm will be repurposed to host Pandora’s Trails mod.  This is not yet in effect.  The date will be announced when this change will occur.  For now, consider it in ‘To Be Determined Status’.

2/15/2021: Website data migration has been completed. Most information was reviewed and moved manually. Items on site should be up to date and accurate. If inaccuracies are found, please report them in Discord channel.

2/28/2021: Realm has been taken down. Rest in Peace.

7/17/2021: Reckoning is being revived. Stay tuned for more information.

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