1. Do not insult others or cause conflicts.
  2. Third party programs are allowed if they do not provide any fighting advantage. Example: Maphack is allowed. (But not included with mod install)
  3. God Mode or any stats altering programs are not allowed. (Bannable, or you character might get confiscated)
    This concerns online play.
  4. Undesired spam with unrelated content (especially disturbing or insulting pictures or messages) is ground for kick or ban, depending on severity.
  5. Multiclient is allowed (as there is no visible difference from server side between someone having game open twice, or two people playing together from one location).
  6. Muling is allowed (but not with 20 characters).
  7. Trading is allowed (I’m not even going to pretend I have time to be checking whole internet), but rather than exchanging with 3rd party, consider supporting us. Donations may be rewarded.
  8. PK or trolling is not a punishable offense, if you do not wish to be attacked, you can easily create a locked game.

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