Pandora’s Trials

This is a vanilla-styled mod built on version 1.13c.


It was designed to significantly increase diversity of gameplay and builds. Thanks to the new Smithing system, the potential of this diversification is infinite, as it allows players to customize their equipment to such lengths, that you can decide every single attribute. This includes usual attribute effects, but also party-shared effects, chance to cast skills and even non-character skills.


The materials for Smithing are acquired in new endgame locations that you can enter trough the usage of Pandora’s Box. This means you need to collect parts to open portals to new locations. The endgame maps come in 3 difficulties that can be chosen from. Obviously the higher difficulty, the better the reward.

We all played Diablo II thousand times over and nobody is really interested in lenghty leveling of yet another character. But simply increasing experience gain doesn’t sound very enticing. To make the leveling faster, but also more interesting, this mod opted for providing tens of fetch scroll quests. It’s simple, grab a scroll quest from a merchant (costs 1 gold), collect desired items within given location, craft these items with the scroll quest to collect the desired amount (in amount of 1-5 at once) and receive the xp and some additional reward.


The items most used in Diablo II trough all this time are definitelly potions. But the original game just offers so few of them. But that’s no longer the case here, a complete alchemy system of 7 herbs can provide you with a total of 28 new potions ! Classic healing, instant effect, buffs or long length over time. You can have them all now. Recipies are available here []. To balance this however, rejuvenation potions, antidote, thawing and stamina have been moved to alchemy only, meaning that you must craft them to have them. The usual healing and mana potions are still available from merchants and drops, as are the herbs used for alchemy.


Every time I look at players’ inventory, all I see is a bag full of charms. Diablo II is a loot-based game and yet nobody ever has space in inventory. This could be solved trough charmzone, yes, but what sense does that make, half of your bag does grant you charm bonuses, other half doesn’t ? Instead, in this mod, a different choice was picked. It’s called Wisdom System. Every character spawns with their own Book of Wisdom. Collect Wisdom Scrolls around the world and craft them with this book. You’ll gain Wisdom and eventually Wisdom Points. These points can be spent to pick one of the available bonuses. And what if I bonuses in this system get adjusted in later patch ? Is your book wasted ? No, you can simply reset it. Learn more about Wisdom here [].

Thanks to devurandom, we have at hand the wonder that is BaseMod. Extended merc equip, auto-gold pickup, ctrl+click moving to stash, dynamic healthbars and more. Aside from BaseMod, there is extended inventory, stash and cube, you can regain socketed gems and runes with Unsocket Oil, and there are also various skill adjustments (more might happen in the future, and you can suggest them as well).

You might be used to MultiRes from SlashDiablo, it’s nice, but let’s be honest, it could be better. And it is. Max resolution 1920×1080 here

Dedicated Server
All this will be available online on Pandora’s Trials dedicated server.

Future Plans
The mod’s future lies in limited period access new endgame levels in form of events. These will yield what should be the best equipment available in this mod. To get it however, you’ll have to play when the event is available, because all events will only be available during certain days or parts of month, some perhaps even for two weeks and never again, so that players who would play this mod long-term would always have a trick or two up their sleeves that other players never even heard of!

So then, ready to face Pandora’s Trials ?

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