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Abbadon (Hell) – Act 5 Frigid highlands
Level: 100
Tier: 2
Drop: Better sets, cube lost in time
Immunities: all (on every monster)

No mercy. Dungeon designed to chew through demonic items. Without both extreme offense and defense along with piercing immunities ability, no point in trying. Hell Knights cast Decapitate (merged amplify damage and life tap), throw sonic bone spirits which chase you trough long distance or shoot powerful poison projectiles which often reduce your life to 1 in a single second, Flesh Spawners spam minions spawn and Flesh Worms then stand in the way. Worst of them all are Hell Lords, with a skill similar to Diablo´s lightning. They will bring you down from behind minions with ease, even with maxed resists the lightning deals thousands of damage per second and it has also physical damage mixed in. Absorbs highly recommended. Life steal highly recommended, but it works only at 5% effectiveness anyway, so you need a lot of it. Revive is blocked, conversion doesn´t work aside from worms, corpses cannot be used for exploding (except worms). The rewards are best mod´s sets and cube lost in time, another source of powerful equipment, equal to demonic items, including pieces which are not available with demonic items, it can also drop permanent life and mana increase potions as well as stat points or skill point potions.