Chaos Equipment

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This is a new item quality that all items in Land of Chaos drop with. It generates them with a lot of attributes that can spawn with a negative or positive value. These items can have up to 30 upgrade levels which are displayed in their name.


The higher the upgrade level, the more unstable attribute values, meaning higher positive or negative numbers. This also means that a higher upgrade item does not mean it will be better than your current item and its rolls/affixes/values.


There are also certain milestone upgrade levels that grant these items more attributes. This is done simply by crafting two items of the same type and upgrade level, output will be the same item with one additional upgrade level.


However, manual upgrading doesn’t just upgrade the item but also rerolls all attributes, so it’s not a great idea to sacrifice equipment you want to use for creating new equipment.


Chaos Equipment spawns with 1 socket (except throwing weapons), and doesn’t need to be repaired.


Chaos Stones list of attributes:

* When Life is under 1/3, taking a hit heals 2,5% of Life

* Increases all stats by 100% for 8 seconds when killing an enemy when at full Life

* When Life is under 20%, taking a hit makes you absorb all Fire/Cold/Lightning/Magic Damage for 5 seconds

* When taking a hit there is a 4% chance to gain +150% to All Speed

* When Life is above 80%, hitting an enemy eliminates flinching or attack interruptions for 4 seconds

* Killing an enemy recovers 5% Life and Mana

* Hitting an enemy makes you use Mana to add Magic Damage to Attacks for 6 seconds

* Killing an enemy increases Elemental Skill Damage by percentage of lost Mana for 6 seconds

* Hitting an enemy increases your Damage by half of your Strength as percentage, but decreases your Attack Speed and Rating by 50% for 4 seconds

* Killing an enemy has a 25% chance to increase your Critical Chance and Attack Rating by 35%

* Taking a hit with less than 25% Life increases Physical Resistance by 10% of Vitality for 5 seconds (Max 50%)

* When taking a hit, reflects tripled percentage of lost Life for 3 seconds



Equipment Example: