Cradle of Genesis

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Cradle of Genesis
Level: 110
Tier: X
Immunities: All
Boss: Keeper of Beyond
Drop: Echo Stone, Resonance Stone, Astral Jewel, Violet Diamond, Cyanite, Stone of Genesis

Final level of the new content pack. Once you enter you cannot leave trough normal entrance. The boss awaits here. He will not be alone however, there are 6 spawners scattered around the map that will keep spawning
angels to aid him. This one especially requires you to have a team of 2 so one guy fights the boss while  the other one tries to lure the minions away.

The boss is no trivial matter either he can take a beating
and he has ridiculous damage, but you need to kill him for Stones of Genesis to craft the new items.

If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve fought well, Champion.  Diablo’s minions rest under your feet – buried deep within the soil, sunlight rests upon your face and The Ancients smile upon you.