Cube Lost in Time Items

02/15/2021 Off By admin

Starting in Abbadon, you will start to receive Cubes Lost in Time.  These cubes are home to some powerful items.  To extract an item, travel to Act 1 to speak with Gheed.  He will sell you a key to open your cube.

Place the cube into your Horadric cube and transmute a random amount of times, then add the key and click transmute.  You will receive 1 item per cube.


Listed below are the possible items you can receive:



Segomirus' Staff.png

Viliatus' Axe.png

Bernaldu's Maul.png

Eilleus' Sword.png

Eldesinda's Fist.png

Cauderimus' Scythe.png

Goldegildo's Mace.png

Aldotrius' Blade.png

Framilli's Javelin.png

Quedulfus' Bow.png



Visitberga's Ring.png

Vendericus' Greaves.png

Damiro's Helmet.png

Gontemondus' Belt.png

Onildi's Tiara.png

Ebrildi's Gauntlets.png

Fredesinda's Crown.png

Onemirus' Armor.png

Gutilli's Amulet.png

Jerulfus' Ring.png

Heremigarium's Armor.png

Gasuildi's Shield.png

Argeva's Mask.png

Gemira's amulet.png


Charms / Potions:


Berulfus' Charm.png

Tampered Potion - Mana.png

Tampered Potion - Life.png

Tampered Potion - Skill points.png