Cursed Crypt

02/16/2021 Off By admin

Cursed Crypt (Hell) – Act 1 Tristram
Level: 105
Tier: 2
Drop: High uniques, cube lost in time, spirit crystal, crimson quartz, dark sapphire
Immunities: all (on every monster, hard to pierce, some unpierceable)
Debuff: Your life, mana, damage and cold/fire/lightning skill damage are decreased.
Boss: Reagor the Omnivisient

Dungeon with new map layout, entrance is hidden in Tristram. Filled with Elemental Souls, Thorn Abominations and Hell Slayers. Elemental Souls are highly physical resistant, you won´t deal much physical damage to them, each of them is completely immune to one element depending on which one they represent. They have a chance to spawn with Mutilation. They have heavy elemental damage and pierce resists. Thorn Abominations are bigger quill rats, who deal heavy physical damage and often inflict Decapitate on you, trying to pursue them will make them flee while the other ones relentlessly barrage you with projectiles. Hell Slayers will gang on you and attempt to inflict Decapitate aswell. Poison resist is pierceable, but requires skill combo for it. To pierce magic resists here, items from this dungeon are required. The end harbors Reagor who shoots tens of homing projectiles dealing heavy damage and can drain your life to heal himself (really drain).