Echo / Resonance Stones

02/15/2021 Off By admin

In the new maps (starting in Garden of Eden) you can come across jewels called Echo Stones and Resonance Stones.  These most usually come with +x to a single skill of a character, sometimes they hold completely new attributes, however. What they are you’ll have to find out by yourself.  The interesting part of these jewels is when they spawn with an empty enchantment; This is basically a  socket within an Echo/Resonance Stone that you can fill by crafting it with any rune.

The Stones will have a chance of inheriting attributes of the runes (all 3 stats modes at once).  The two types of stones have different range and maximum amount of empty enchantments/slots:

Echo Stone – 1 empty enchantment – 50-100% attribute value inherited

Resonance Stone – 2 empty enchantments – 70-140% attribute value inherited
This is a rule that bonuses values generally follow, though there are some


There is also a tie rule to how often will the stones roll the attribute according to how many bonuses are present on the chosen rune (we count all 3 item modes i.e. weapons/armor/shield):

1 bonus to apply – success chance 80%
2 bonuses to apply – success chance 60% for each
3 bonuses to apply – success chance 40% for each
4 bonuses to apply – success chance 25% for each

There are a few new mid-tier unique weapons.