Garden of Eden

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Garden of Eden – Act 1 Cathedral

Level: 110

Tier: X

Immunities: All

Drop: Echo Stone, Resonance Stone, Astral Jewel, Violet Diamond, Cyanite

First of the new three dungeons. Unusual about this map is that it consists of two floors. As the name makes obvious, you’ll fight angels here. They aren’t as uncoordinated as demons were and will cooperate to bring you down, divided into classes aiding each other in fight. Mini-bosses spawn here randomly with a decent pack of minions. Teleport is possible but not trough walls. Recommended is a party of 2 people.


Mob Explanation:


Exodus Pack brings new monsters within new dungeons. Unlike the previous ones, these are made following a stats system I set up so talking about their power is easier compared to monsters before.

The backbone of new enemies consists of angels. All angels start with a set of initial stats. Think of it like a modern firearm; that has it’s basic components and afterwards you add attachments like scope,
muzzle, silencer, or extended mag.

Base Angel Stats
Block: 25%
Crit: 10%
Life: 1,000,000
Defense: 31,500
XP : 16,000,000
Damage: 6,500
Attack Rating: 522,560

Each class will speak of 2 resists, these follow the system of:

Power Immunity: Always immune to first mentioned element under all conditions.
Bonus Immunity: Second immunity requires special new attributes to pierce + usual pierce conditions.

Random Immunity: Will roll 1 random immunity, otherwise works the same as Bonus Immunity.

12% chance to teleport when struck

In addition, each angel has chosen to follow one of the six paths for his class. Each class of angels likes to team up with a certain different class to further boost their combat abillites.

The Melee Fighters
Colour: Red

Bonus Attack Damage
Bonus Attack Rating
Defense Penalty
Skills: Teleport, Jab, Decapitate
Immunities: Fire, Physic
Teamed with Conjurer

The Casters
Colour: Blue
Bonus Skill Damage
Bonus Cast Speed
Life Penalty
Skills: Heaven Salve, Flamedust, Hydrogen Ball, Chill, Flare
Immunities: Cold, Magic
Teamed with Strategist

The Tanks
Colour: Yellow
Bonus Life
Damage Penalty
Attack Rating Penalty
Movement Speed Penalty
Skills: Heavenly Barrier, Teleport, Smite
Immunities: Physic, Poison
Teamed with Healer

The Buff Providers
Bonus AI Speed
Bonus Awareness Range
Life Penalty
Damage Penalty
Attack Rating Penalty
Skills: Rush, Teamwork, Protection
Immunities: Lightning, Fire
Teamed with Enforcer

The Debuffers
Bonus Critical Hit Chance
Bonus Open Wounds Chance
Bonus Crushing Blow Chance
Block Chance Penalty
Teleport when Struck Chance Penalty
Skills: Lethal Pain, Meltdown, Suppress, Razor Wind
Immunities: Magic, Lightning
Teamed with Chanter

Bonus Block Chance
Bonus Chance to Teleport when Struck
Bonus Hit Recovery
Damage Penalty
Attack Rating Penalty
Defense Penalty
Skills: Purify, Healing Fog
Immunities: Poison, Cold
Teamed with Gaurdian

Furthermore you may occasionally meet a Heavenly Commander with a decent pack of soldiers with him.
You want to take down Commanders, they’re the only source of Resonance Stones aside from the main boss.

Bonus Life
Bonus Defense
Bonus Damage
Bonus Attack Rating
Bonus Attack Speed
No Power Immunity
No Bonus Immunity
Skills: Hydrogen Blast, Healing Fog, Chill, Flare, Magic Blast, Heavenly Salve, Decapitate
Absorbs: Bonus Elemental Absorb
Leader: Spawns with a pack of Strategists and Conjurers