Pandemonium Quest and World Event

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Pandemonium Quest and World Event
Level: 110
Tier: 1
Immunities: all
Boss: Weeping Angel, Desert Phantom, Illuminatos, Draconic Emperor, Soul Eater, Therion, Sorcerer Spire
World Event available on realm, key item is… key
keys for pandemonium quest can be obtained also from bosses in shrine

Weeping Angel

Drop: Diablo’s Horn, Statue of Eternity

Anyone who watched Doctor Who knows this one. Unless you are like me and you have not. I somehow heard of it anyway though. It behaves in a similar manner like it did in the series.

Location: Matron’s Den

Skills:  Charge, Jab, Smite, Teleport, Fury of Souls – increases movement and attack speed by 300% and damage by 1000% within radius of 10

Desert Phantom

Drop: Baal’s Eye, Statue of Fate Location: Forgotten Sands

Skills:  Mutilation and Bash

Sandstorm – a huge pile of tornadoes which knocks back and deals massive damage


Drop: Mephisto’s Brain, Statue of Oath Location: Furnace of Pain(edited)


Icy Salve – multiple rapid glacial spikes with huge damage

Lunar Surface – envelopes whole area with silver flame

Reflection – multiple homing dark bolts

Arc Flare – A slow but devastating missile which explodes in wide area

Element Eater – adds massive elemental absorb for a short duration

Draconic Emperor

Summon by selling a normal Key to a vendor.  Nearest Super Unique will be Draconic Emperor.

Drop: draconic drive set parts, cube lost in time, pandemonium quest keys, black rune

Location: World Event

Skills:  Obliteration, Flare, Mutilation, Decapitate

Flame Chaser – multiple fiery missiles chase after enemies

Soul Eater

Drop: Black Bird Fragment A

Location: Ghost Town

Skills: Bash, Fury of Souls, Decapitate(edited)

This enemy does not display his lifebar and cannot be targeted, you need to attack without targeting


Drop: Black Bird Fragment B

Location: Ghost Town

Skills: Bash, Fury of Souls, Spell Eater – massively lowers elemental pierce and magical skill damage, Lethal Pain – deals heavy slow effect

Sorcerer Spire

Drop: Black Bird Fragment C

Location: Ghost Town


Draining missiles – homing missiles which drain life and heal the spire(edited)

Draining Barrer – evelopement in energy which drains life and heals the spire

Immobility – immobile

Curse immune

Highly not recommended to do this alone in case you play on realm, if you are playing single player, I guess back up save with portal parts