Sealed Sinner’s Prison

02/16/2021 Off By admin

Sealed Sinners’ Prison – 2nd floor of Garden of Eden

Level: 110

Tier: X

Immunities: All

Drop: Echo Stone, Resonance Stone, Astral Jewel, Violet Diamond, Cyanite

Second of the new dungeons, connects first floor of Garden of Eden with the second. this is where the angels throw their prisoners, including the ones that aren’t devoted to the cause. There are decapitating dolls, fallen angels and plague carriers. All enemies in this dungeon have extremely disgusting damage and toss even more disgusting skills when they die, it’s extremely ridiculous. Necessary to pass through to reach second floor of Garden of Eden so you cannot evade it. Teleport is possible but not through walls.

Recommended Party of 2 people.