Shrine of Fading Light

02/16/2021 Off By admin

The Shrine of Fading Light (Hell) – act 2 valley of the snakes
Level: 106
Tier: 2
Drop: everything obtainable up to this point, special preparatory items for tier 1
Immunities: all
Boss: Fangskin, Dark Elder, Ancient Kaa the Soulless

The final preparation for the last challenges, this dungeon is utterly and completely disgusting (good times when I thought I need global scale debuffs in the previous one). You´ll rather do all the other dungeons and take thrice as much time getting stuff than having to do it here. Things are barely damageable, especially with elemental damage, each enemy is harmable with only one of the three elemental damage types. Magic and poison is possible but won´t do any wonders either. Think you can dodge ? Not here, literally no space to evade missiles. What is more or less reliable here is physical damage, but for that you got to sacrifice the precious aoe. Enemies are deadly, act fast and often don´t let you even run. They even have a chance to cast a disgusting curse which blocks all regeneration and drains life. The entrance to dungeon is located in Valley of Snakes, but is only one-way, you cannot leave the map once you enter. Teleporting is blocked. Best items material recipes drop only from bosses and you have to solve a riddle to make them tell you what you need to craft to get not the new items themselves, but only the materials needed for the items. This is probably the greatest challenge you have faced so far. Honestly, if you get the items from here, you deserve a medal.