Skill Adjustments – Druid

02/14/2021 Off By admin

Synergies improved

Spirit Wolf, Fenris, Grizzly
Allowed together

Increased damage on higher levels
Slightly improved synergies
Added torrents increment per 5 levels

Arctic Blast
Increased damage multiplayer (+100% dmg)

Synergy from Strength: +1% Damage per 5 Strength
Synergy from Dexterity: +1% Attack Rating per 5 Dexterity

Cyclone Armor:
While active:
Synergy from Energy: +1% to Fire Skill Damage per 5 Energy
Synergy from Energy: +1% to Cold Skill Damage per 5 Energy


Vines increase +1 per 5 Levels with a cap of 3 active at one time.