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Balance Stones:

Balance slot increases base attributes str/dex/vit/enr. You can either pick one with higher value or all with lower.

Skill Tree Stones:

Skill Tree slot grants bonus to chosen skill page. Unlike other stones, Skill Tree Stones do not have tiers.

Party Effect Stones:

Party slots share bonuses with whole party, but do not stack, so having the same one twice only applies the higher one.

Growth Stones:

Growth slots offer classic attribute bonuses and there is a lot of them to choose from. They are also the only type of slots that items may have more of. Tier 2 items have 2, Tier 3 items have 3.

Stone Usage:

When using stones on equipment, remember that they also increase required level.

Tier 1 increase level: 3

Tier 2 increase level: 4

Tier 3 increase level: 5

Skill Tree stones increase level by 4.

Keep in mind however, once you insert a stone in a slot, you can no longer extract or remove it from the item, so make sure you really want that effect applied.