Stony Tomb

02/16/2021 Off By admin

Stony Tomb (Hell) – Act 2 Rocky Wastes

Level: 84

Tier: 4

Drop: better uniques, rares, hellfire torch (with a lot more hellfire if you ask me)

Immunities: fire, cold, lightning, poison

Boss: Dark Messiah


When you come here, you´ll instantly notice the difference between the tiers, unless you got some solid uniques or runewords, you´ll likely go down pretty quickly. There are urdars who will rush you, surround, and stun lock, and not like you´ll have time to notice anything else if that happens. They are supported from behind by afflicted with magic missiles with a lot more damage, but the real problem here are the vampires with a lot more fire than what you would see them with normally. The cherry on top is Dark Messiah, who will take you down in a matter of seconds if you get hit by his lightning which has even some physical damage mixed in, while he himself is fire and cold immune and has some more resists on 95. When coming here, high fire resist is a must, and not 75, but higher. Teaming up would be wise. But what wouldn´t you do for hellfire torch, right?