Swampy Pits

02/16/2021 Off By admin

Swampy Pit (Hell):  Act 3, Swampy Pits

Level: 84

Tier: 4

Drop: sets, Standard of Heroes, magic items (perfect for using with the Standard)

Immunities: fire, cold, lightning, poison

There are zealots, hierophants, fetish shamans and fetishes, both melee and blowers. Another solid challenge to pick. Without solid elemental resistances, not a good idea to come here. Hierophants have high skill level lightning and blizzard, heal zealots. Fetish shamans inferno melts your life bar like a candle. But there are new sets, and some are actually pretty good, not to mention Standard of Heroes drops here. You know you want those crafted charms to rest in your bag.