Tower Cellar

02/16/2021 Off By admin

Location:  Tower Cellar,  Act 1 Black Marsh

Difficulty: Hell

Level: 79

Tier: 5

Drop: runes, socketed items

Immunities: physic, cold, fire, lightning

Boss: Countess

Consists of goatmen, wraiths and skeleton mages. Wraiths which are immune to physical and drain mana will team up with goatmen to stand in your way, while legion of mages will shower you with projectiles from behind. Usual drop is Lem and Pul runes, but if you cross trough the hordes of defense to floor 5 and defeat countess, she has a high chance to drop Gul, average to drop Vex, low chance to drop Sur and very low chance that runes will be any lower than these.