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Wisdom system is a new system of passive bonuses that is fully customizable
Every character spawns with a Book of Wisdom
The task is to collect Wisdom Scrolls to gather wisdom points which you can use to pick from variety of bonuses

The current bonuses per point are:

2% attack rating
3% damage
2% defense
1 replenish life, 1% mana regen
1% elemental skill damage
1% max hp
1% max mana

Every Wisdom Point costs more and more Wisdom, similar to how leveling your character costs more and more xp every level

As is visible, maximum points is 50, first level costs 2 Wisdom and each of the next ones costs 2 more
level 1 – 2
level 2 – 4
level 3 – 6
level 50 – 100
for a total of 2,550 Wisdom Scrolls for 50 points

Further, it is possible to reset your Wisdom Points allocation and reassign them differently (this possibility also opens window for further changes, letting players reset if this system gets modified to be able to obtain newest bonuses)

However, you may not respec anytime, for if you respec during gathering a wisdom point (f.e. when you are on wisdom level 5 and you have 4 out of 10 wisdom required for next level, you won’t lose any complete points you already have, or wisdom required to have them, but you will lose the 4 wisdom gathered on your current level)

this forces people to put some thought into assignment, without relying on respecing whenever they need it

This system is also fully cheat proof, in case some clever individuals would think they can screw with it, trying to make 50 characters to obtain 50 wisdom points with only 100 wisdom scrolls, the cube won’t allow you to craft it (it took plenty of work to make it so)

The Wisdom Scrolls are general, if a little rare drop, players will be able to farm it better once you’ll start doing endgame where the drop is doubled to tripled

the system may seem simple to an unsuspecting eye, the truth is it consists of over 400 items, used in calculations with attributes

there was no simpler way of implementing it while offering respec and anti-cheat both